Introducing some of our best features

As the leading social innovation platform, Crowdicity is packed full of features designed to help your organisation innovate, communicate, manage ideas and improve. Take a look at what Crowdicity can do for you.

Meet challenges with amazing solutions

Meet challenges with amazing solutions

Idea storms

Set specific challenges. Launch open challenges. Watch the flood of solutions come back. Ask for advice. Hear what people really think.

Inspiring ideas

Some ideas will be mad. Some will be bad. Some will inspire better ideas. They’re all available to you through Crowdicity.

Unearth gems

Amongst them, a gem of a suggestion you’d never have got to through normal communication lines.

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Share ideas and get quality feedback

Share ideas and get quality feedback

New ideas

Explore product ideas. Test out new processes. Increase efficiency. Explore what you need to explore.

Evaluate ideas

Watch your people rate ideas, rank them and decide which they like best. They can like ideas, vote openly or blindly, and enjoy the process.

Everyone is included

A familiar social media platform means everyone feels they can participate in a natural and inclusive way.

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Connect people across your world

Connect people across your world

Innovation dating™

Wherever they are in the world, wherever they are within your organisation, Crowdicity gets all your people talking together in one place.

All together

Crowdicity provides everyone with an easy way to share their expertise and experience and collaborate on all kinds of projects.

Learn new stuff

Your people will be happy to share their views and ideas, and you will learn amazing things from people at all levels in all locations.

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Improve participation and engagement

Improve participation and engagement

Social platform

Improve inclusion, participation and team spirit through one engaging and dynamic collaborative platform.

Involved, informed and engaged

Send targeted customised emails, trigger automated alerts and notifications and Crowdicity’s unique gamification features make taking part fun and rewarding.

Unique connections

Bring everyone together in a way they’ve never been brought together before.

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Customise and Control

Customise and Control

Good looking

Crowdicity just looks great. It is inviting to use, easy to engage with and rewarding to explore.

Friendly and familiar

No boxy corporate greyness. Crowdicity is instantly familiar to everyone who uses the internet and social media.

Complete control

Managers, administrators and IT teams embrace Crowdicity for the level of control, the flexibility of tailoring and the ease of adoption it gives you.

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Build knowledge and analyse data

Build knowledge and analyse data

Knowledge resource

Crowdicity provides a unique store of knowledge. A huge bank of ideas, insights, knowledge and expertise. An invaluable resource for your organisation.

Sophisticated search

Searching is easy. Find what your people have said in the past. Search by keyword, trends, subjects, popularity and more.

Analyse data

View trends. See which ideas are being picked up. Learn what topics are interesting your people. All in real time. All with instant visibility.

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Accessing Crowdicity

Accessing Crowdicity

Access anywhere

Crowdicity is not a corporate, desk­bound application. It is a dynamic social innovation platform which can be accessed anywhere.

Completely compatible

Crowdicity is accessible on any mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to your challenge on any device at anytime.

Easy integration

Single sign­on makes life easy for your people and secure for you. Crowdicity is universal, integrating with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MSN and Linkedin.

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Secure and IT team-friendly

Secure and IT team-friendly

Frictionless adoption

Crowdicity makes launching your innovation platform simple and straightforward. We remove the IT stress by taking care of the hosting and set-up for you. With Crowdicity you can be up and running quickly and securely. And we don’t just give you the tool. We also provide training, promotion, workshops and expertise to make sure it all works for you.

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