How Crowdicity is used

Crowdicity offers amazing functionality. Whether you’re generating fresh ideas, solving challenges or encouraging participation, Crowdicity is tuneable to do whatever you want it to do.

Internal co-innovation

Internal co-innovation

All the knowledge of new processes, new ways of working, new products and new markets exist within the collective knowledge of your employees. Crowdicity helps you extract it.

By removing the physical barriers that inhibit internal communication, Crowdicity has huge advantages over meetings, emails and phone calls. It is dynamic, inclusive and fun to use. Crowdicity makes ideas manageable, transparent and permanent, making the innovation faster and more effective.

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Open innovation

Open innovation

Increase the efficiency, effectiveness and speed of your open innovation process with Crowdicity.

Crowdicity is the platform that enables you to innovate with partners outside your company and involve them in your innovation process. You can get the perspectives of customers, suppliers and experts. Their voices can illuminate your challenges in ways that may not occur if you kept your challenge in­house.

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Market research

Market research

Crowdicity takes market research to the next level. Using a mix of crowdsourcing and social media analysis, Crowdicity is the smarter and more cost­effective way to harness the intelligence of your crowd.

You get immediate answers to questions, create richer, more insightful conversations around ideas and brands and even the opportunity to co­create directly with your customers. Crowdicity gives you the means to run any number of research programmes within one community, segmenting and targeting your groups through their user profiles, and interrogating the data in real time when it comes back.

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Change management

Change management

Change is good, so long as your people are on board. Crowdicity is a compelling and valuable communication and feedback tool when changing your organisation’s culture.

You can involve your people in the change. You can provide consistent messages. Share knowledge, share best practice, bring people along with you in the process of change. Ask questions, hear answers – get all your people talking about the same issues and embracing the new.

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Crowdicity adds flesh to HR bones, making HR more visible within your organisation.

It provides a clear demonstration that your organisation is actively listening to your people, and acting on their knowledge and opinions. Crowdicity provides a safe, structured and effective way for your people to provide constructive influence on what you do, and how you do it.

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